September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

All I understand about them is that they need something from Earth, an element or something that we happen to have an abundance of, and killing us off harms their precious thing they came here to acquire.  It’s not even that they are secretive about it, it’s just that we are all too human to understand anything they do.  Physically, they are quite unintimidating.  Underwhelming, really.  I still remember the first time I met one of them and I almost laughed, thinking ‘THIS is the alien species we are all so afraid of? I can take any one of them on any given day…’  But, it turns out, they are something to fear.

Their technology far surpasses ours, and even though we are not completely sure how much damage their weaponry can do, we sure do not want to find out.  Their advanced technology reflects their asset we are most afraid of – their intelligence.  It is as though they have extra brain faculties that enable them to think at a level that we, humans, cannot even fathom.  They are currently in control of all our government through which they infiltrate our lives.  I used to think that I was an autonomous entity, but ever since they started coming out on television or taking over all print media, I feel as though I am somewhat different.  I’ve been sucked into their mind games, falling for all their manipulations that play on the human ability to feel, to want, to hate, to love.  It’s like they have us analyzed down to a comprehensive theory of behaviorism, and we’ve all become a Pavlov’s dog civilization.  We all think that they can read our minds, that their science allows them to navigate our thoughts and anticipate our actions, rendering any attempt on our part to destroy or harm them completely impossible.  It is a chess game we cannot win, and we’ve all come to terms with our defeat by now.

There hasn’t been a noticeable harm on the mankind since their arrival.  Like I said, I have no clue what they are extracting from Earth, nor do I know how long they are planning on staying here.  Some people live in daily fear because they believe that the aliens will destroy Earth upon the completion of their mission.  I don’t see the point in dwelling in the future when all the essentials of life – food, water, clothes, and house – are provided, and I know I will have these things the rest of today and tomorrow and the day after.  That’s as far as I need to know.  I still play poker with my buddies on Sunday nights, maybe go on a date occasionally, all that normal stuff.  I am pretty content.  I am very happy to be pretty content.




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