September 30, 2311

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Public Notice:
Several sightings of a strange creature have been reported to local authorities. The following is a public service announcement to inform the surrounding populous of any potential threats associated with the creature in question. The being under investigation is thought to be nocturnal and bears resemblance to reptiles of the late cretaceous period. Evidence of mutation suggests that the creature was salvaged by an extra-terrestrial civilization just prior to mass extinction some 65 million years ago. After an extended period of preservation and testing, the reptile was returned to earth sometime after the 16th century. Many scientists hypothesize that the creature was genetically altered during its extraterrestrial sabbatical from earth.  Reports have specified that a fluid genetic code enables the mutant reptile to shape shift. It is thus speculated that this is the beast responsible for reported observances of the loch ness monster and sasquatch in earlier histories. In its natural state, the creature is of moderate size, cold-blooded, horn crested, and carnivorous. Its prey normally entails horse-sized animals such as bears, livestock, or dolphins, depending on its metamorphosed state. Genetic mutations while aboard the mother ship have significantly increased the creature’s lifespan and have enabled it to self procreate. However, reproduction is rare and scientists suspect that it occurs only during times of direct evolutionary threat. Thus, the creature spotted may be the lone of its species at this time. We encourage the public to exercise caution as this creature has been known to attack human prey. Those individuals with further knowledge of this cretaceous aberration should report to the Scientific Bureau of Investigation.

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