Heavenly Palace

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I was taking a nap to evade from stress of the day, a creature that I had never seen came into my dream and disturbed my sleep. That was really a bizarre creature, a combination of Chinese monkey and Arctic bear. The face was unrecognizable as it was changing with light rays, and the figure was exactly like a bear, tall and fierce. If I were granted the capacity, I’d rather keep the creature in the darkness with the dimmest light that serves only for revealing its existence.

I was reading the newspaper when this creature came in. Today’s headline was China’s space module–Tiangong-1 (heavenly palace-1)–was successfully launched. I read the whole story with pictures, videos and comments, but I couldn’t say I enjoyed it. Deep inside me, I had resistance towards those ambitious plans for outer space exploration, drawn up either by NASA or China. It occurred to me as another colonization war that made technology a slave of human insatiable ambitions and inefficient politics. If the earth is not large enough to hold human beings, how would a finite many planets be able to fulfill human wants? There would always be an impulse to go out and search for new frontiers, and science and technology might lose their original meanings in this process. Anyway, I was not in a light mood when I lifted my eyes from the newspaper and saw that creature appearing right in front of me. I was terrified.

“Who are you?” I didn’t know which language I used, English or Chinese, but those words just burst out. No response was given, and the silence kept on. Did he have the same physical structure as we did–for instance, did he have the vocal cord that can vibrate and generate sounds? Numerous doubts quickly gathered in my mind but none of them could be settled as no communications was going on and I dared not gaze upon the creature. After a while, I felt that it was retreating from its position, few steps and then another few steps, and finally settled itself in the dark corner of the room. Then silence took back its precedence in the space between the creature and me.

It was on the earth and earth was my planet. I should not be the person who felt threatened. I approached the creature from the front and stopped when the distance was reduced enough. I looked up to the creature’s face and was surprised to find that it didn’t have eyes. I then sensed that something was softly touching me with changing strength. I looked down and saw a glass ball heart in the body of the creature. It was a translucent glass ball that can generate light rays of various colors and intensities. The touch that I just felt was actually light rays sent out by this glass ball heart. Was this the way it communicated with me? I held my breath to feel the touch of its light rays and try to retrieve some information out of it. I would say it was like music without sound, very smoothly played out and rich in the meaning. But this piece of music didn’t carry delighted mood. It was soft but grave. I then looked back to the glass ball, and suddenly, it shone with strong red rays! I was hit and pushed back, and the next moment I was aware of myself, I was on my bed. No bizarre and horrifying creatures with glass ball heart, but only the reality flowing on the earth.

I thought to myself what I would feel if I woke up in another planet and faced a group of glass ball heart creatures. It was not some pleasant and exotic views. However, the moon, the Mars or simply places other than earth in this vast universe, were once depicted as “heavenly palace” in our old myth. But all I could see is a lonely and strange planet, dwelled by glass ball heart creatures.


Yijing S.


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