September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

My alien species—Observers—has no humanly-recognizable physical features. They exist in many places throughout the galaxy, but we have no way yet of knowing about them. They are invisible, both to the naked eye and to every technological device created thus far. Even if we could see them, Observers have no defined body shape—they can reshape themselves at will, although their mass and composition always remains the same.

This species operates solely as individuals—they have no need of or interest in communication with others. They have existed since the beginning of the universe and have no aging process, thus their inability to reproduce (a result of their individualistic existence) has not quickly eliminated the species. Some individuals have become trapped in black holes and in similar unfortunate situations over the billions of years, but because they can assume any shape, black holes simply stretch them infinitely and leave them trapped there forever.

Observers are very simple creatures, driven solely by a desire for exploration and knowledge. Unfortunately, however, they move very slowly and can only retain a very limited amount of information. They have no desire to manipulate or change the universe—only to understand what it consists of and how it operates. At first it may seem that their desire for knowledge and their limited ability to explore and remember would mean that Observers are inherently unhappy and unfulfilled creatures, but in fact the opposite is true. Since they can only retain a small amount of information, new knowledge constantly replaces or “deletes” old knowledge. This makes almost every discovery “new” for them, no matter how many times they’ve seen it before; therefore they are very happy, continually-amazed individuals. For them, simple desires and limited abilities create continual happiness, in contrast to overly-complicated humans.




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