The product of lethargy

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet the djinn: my fictional race of disappointingly inept, sentient beings. To humanity the name is a joke as their bodies are little to behold. A football-sized lump of fleshy, mucousy, brown mass mottled here and there with spots of green. One would almost think the species subsists at least partially on photosynthesis, but such is not the case. The spots are apparently high in oxidized copper, and migrate around the body as it pulsates in its obscene manner like a blister about to pop.

They have no appendages, and the only orifice we can work out is one used for communication and ingestion/digestion. From our perspective it does nothing but act as a mouth which happens to produce a wide variety of distinct odors running the gambit from sweet to just plain rancid. Their mobility consists of coordinated pulsations around the body to produce an effect much like those window walkers/creepy crawlers from the ’90s. 



Occasionally, you’ll notice a seemingly independent lump attached to some individuals. In some cases it’s a tumor, while in others it’s the offspring! The two aren’t quite mutually exclusive as the entire species reproduces by budding. Indeed, the race seems to have absolutely no redeeming qualities aside from their intelligence, which is indicated solely by their  ability to overpower and dominate the minds of other organisms through the release of undetermined aromatic compounds.

In some cases, the other organism begins to follow directives given by aromatic queues. The first team of biologists who attempted to vivisect a hungry djinn in an enclosed room ended up cutting off pieces of their own skin to feed the alien as if they were paying a quarter to feed an exotic animal at the zoo. Another man fell asleep after a suicidal djinn had somehow slipped into his bedroom. Upon waking up he apparently began eating the creature, which had given him a directive to do so by putting off a smell not too far off from steak and potatoes. Shortly thereafter, he started a club of djinn connoiseurs, all of whose members died not a year later from copper toxicity.



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