Plunge into the Abyss

October 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

After the extensive array of SF we have explored in class, it seems impossible to channel so much creative energy into one singular imaginative idea. However, amidst my pondering these past few days, I repeatedly returned to childhood memories of Goosebumps and R.L. Stine. These horror stories veered so pointedly towards the realm of Sci-fi that their influence can hardly be deemed lesser owing to a juvenile audience. One childhood story resonated with particular gusto: attack of the monster blood. For any child under the age of 8, the premise of man-killing green goo seeping through vents and under door frames would cause considerable insomnia. I was no exception. After a particularly frightening episode of Goosebumps on prime-time TV (featuring said monster blood), my imagination was sent into a dizzying tailspin of irrational and overwhelming distress. Despite the trauma of my particular ordeal, this episode does hold substantial promise for a reinvented story in the SF world. Imagine a scientific lab experiment gone amiss. The scene: a newly engineered mutation contaminated with artificial intelligence creates a gelatinous green mess which thirsts mercilessly after human blood, a monster if you will. Surely far-fetched and utterly preposterous, but nonetheless rife with artistic possibility. Moreover, R.L. Stine (may I credit him in full), had an undeniable bent for suspense, a literary tactic which would do well in a re-adaption of monster blood. Perhaps we should devise a hypothetical scene before we both retire to further musings or other pressing scholastic matters such as homework and calculus midterms..
‘Walking out onto the terrace I was struck by the elegance of the night sky. The heavens seemed to shoot down flames from Apollo, the stars heaving with radiance and quiet complacency. With a cleansing breath I sat down upon the veranda and began my evening meditation: a Sudoku puzzle and a daily reflection on events in the lab. According to my colleagues, a new development had transpired in the past week, one bearing the potential for extreme societal upheaval. Our scientists were developing a new biological super weapon with the hopes of producing a substance capable of Nano-eradication that would enable us to absorb unwanted matter into a hypothetical cosmic abyss. However, returning to the lab this morning, we found our Nano-eradicator to have mysteriously vanished, along with a vial of human steroid and our janitor, Berry. The whereabouts of the green substance (and Berry) were as yet unidentified, but most of my colleagues atrributed the mystery to a series of inane childish pranks courtesy of the supervising team. I let the thought drift from my mind and returned to the Sudoku puzzle in my lap. As I sat pondering this cagey disappearance, I couldn’t help but notice a gradual adjustment of the climate on my deck. A moist, goopy fog began to permeate the air, and my vision slowly clouded over into an impenetrable green haze. The air caught in my throat as the sounds of my tortured breath withered to silent gasps in my burning ears. In those final moments of consciousness I felt the cold rays of the night stars dance in spirals upon my murky skin, the dismal outlook of my future dancing heavily behind clouded eyelids..’

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