Total Expression

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

There all kinds of SciFi topics; ranging from the inconceivably big to the infinitesimally small. Of all these topics, there is one particular onethat interests me: genetics. The genome is the blueprint of life; the laws of genetics dictate the physical–and some argue mental as well–consistence and variance for each and every species on earth. However there are still much we do not understand about the very mechanism that controls our physiology. For example, only a fraction of the human genetic material is “expressed” by the human body; so what is the other large section of the genome doing? Just pure evolutionary junk waiting to be rejected by time? I would like to think not.

For this idea of mine, assuming that the entirety of human genome DO serve a purpose: a sort of countdown timer, and it has reached time zero (without anyone realizing, of course). The the result: ALL of the genome within an individual becomes activated (more research will be accrued to rectify any possible error within the statement). This “Total Expression” event will rapidly propel humans into something more. I haven’t flesh out the effects yet…

Now, even a not-so-scrupulous person would say, ” but that is JUST like X-Men and all the other mutant stories.” however there is one major flaw with many contemporary mutant stories: rampant variety. It is, in my opinion, impossible to achieve the kind of variety of mutations in shows like Heroes and X-Men; all the mutants should be so ridden with cancer and other genetic diseases they can’t live past age of 5, let alone hundreds of years. This “Total Expression” I am proposing works as a extension to our extant genetic mechanism: an all-encompassing framework which allows for a small degree of individuality. i.e., while there are many shades of hair and eye color, stature, and constitution, it is currently impossible to find someone with wings or claws or scales.

Of course, the effect of this change would have far-flung effect on society. And there are several well-known
models to this kind of stories, such as organized mutant groups, human discrimination against mutants, secret wars (think Heroes), unethical experimentation (Wolverine), etc. So there are many possibilities. Personally, I would like to try something different, more unique. But again, I need time to flesh this idea out.

I could just throw an epic war and call it a day, but that is boring.

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