The Sunken Colony

October 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

First off, many apologies….. I learned a valuable lesson this weekend that submitting a blog post and running off to lab without checking to make sure it got posted is a bad idea.  This was my fault.  Nevertheless, here is one interesting idea for a science fiction story for those still interested in reading it 🙂

I thought it would be interesting imagining a world where warfare became so efficient, that people equated challenging a superior with walking off 100 meter bluff.  Where death wasn’t dished out by bullets you could take cover from, but simply by the will of one man.

Jason Flemming knew nothing of a free world which we too often take for granted, where “deactivation” meant turning off a computer and not a human being.  But he now at least knew the history, and the truth which came along with it.  In the year 2044, Roy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. shook the world as they announced an end to the war against cancer.  The nanomaterials corporation had successfully developed a groundbreaking process of engineering nanometer sized particles made up of a piezzoelectric cell which was capable of producing a minute charge using normal ultrasound equipment, a second cell comprised of an iron flagella for movement, and a third containing several thousand transistors so that the particles could execute simple commands an outside computer sent to it.  A simple trip to your specialist was all that was needed to attack cancerous cells in their own microenvironment.  Every baby born in the US was given the drug as a preventive treatment, to kill cancer cells as they developed.

Naturally, Roy Pharmaceuticals soon rose to the top of the Forbes 500.  But in 2050, the largest corporation in the world was granted tax exempt status and a permanent seat on the presidential cabinet courtesy of President Shepp.  Surprisingly, the Speaker of the House and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court vehemently supported the president’s decision.  All three of those men had wives who had just won their battle against breast cancer.  Most thought it was due to gratitude for a while.  In 2071 however, Roy Inc. as it was now called proved just how terrifying the reality was when 230 strikers in their Richmond, VA plant dropped dead at the picket line.  Every person whom had every taken the drug, now upwards of 96% of the population, found themselves with a iron ring surrounding their brain stem.  And as the Great Riot of 2071 in 12 of the United States largest revealed, a cell phone radio signal was enough to signal the ring to close.  Millions of bodies littered the streets of New York, Los Angeles, and D.C., and Roy Inc. stood as the single ruler of the (ex) free – world.

The current date, July 22, 2379.  And Jason Flemming rests with 3000 other “terrorists” in a vast city under the Atlantic Ocean.  The Sunken Colony as he and his friends liked to call it.  He slept outside of a leaky bulkhead in the only place on Earth where no radio waves can penetrate, preparing for tomorrow.  The day when he would set the world free…




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