A Lucky Break

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the bredth of our societal progress as a race, I doubt humanity would deal well with an actual extra terrestrial encounter. Considering the violent and often bombastic tendencies of human nature, the prospect of a smooth transition into contact with an alien race is not highly plausible. Leinster’s “First Contact” does due justice to the probable indecision and anxiety that such an encounter would precipitate. There are all kinds of questions and new problems that would be generated out of such a discovery. Would this race be a peaceful one? Would there be an inevitable battle for dominance between our races? Would interaction, although bearing enormous technological benefit, only perpetuate our demise in a war and ice trodden extinction born of the Fermi paradox? Yet all of these pressing concerns fall by the wayside as we entertain romanticized notions of alien life on a far-away planet in a nether galaxy. Frankly, human civilization has a horrible track record. Since the dawn of time it has been our innate mission to conquer and subdue our fellow man. Countless examples of slavery, baseless wars, and unjustifiable violence bear witness to this fact. Even now the world is operating under a guise of amity as we shower bullets and belligerence upon the heads of our neighbors. Surely if we discovered the existence of an alien civilization, the encounter would not be a polite conversation over tea and crumpets. But luckily, due to the unlikelihood of such an occurrence, we need not worry that our civilization’s affinity for violence and havoc might impair inter-galactic race relations. We won’t be running into any three-headed men in the near future. And personally, although I find it highly entertaining to postulate, all this talk about UFOs and foreign slime molds seems tantamount to flying off with Wendy and Peter to Never Never Land via the second star on the right till morning. But then again, who am I to draw folly upon the far-fetched hopes and aspirations of human civilization?


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