Us against Them

October 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once we receive confirmation from SETI of the existence of ‘others’ in the outer space, mankind will go into a military defense mode.  It is in our nature as human beings to be safe than sorry in preparation for the arrival of the aliens on Earth.  The millennia of human history show us that we are not peaceful creatures.  For however long it takes the aliens to get here, the human race will be in a scurry to ready itself with all kinds of weaponry in case of a confrontation.  It will psychologically deteriorate us, and protest groups will form around the platform of avoiding contact with aliens, against the wishes of many scientists who believe that the contact could lead to answers of many of their most pressing questions about the outer space.

The quickest way to mobilize all the weapons and troops in our possession would be to summon special meetings through the UN.  Every continent will designate a specific region on which the military equipment should be stationed, and all the bombs and such available on the continent will be mobilized to the strategic region.  The executive decision on whether or not we will engage in combat would be made by the UN Secretariat, after consulting with the members in the UN Security Council.

By the time the aliens are landing on Earth, the human population will have been so frazzled by the possibility of a global-scale military war that it will be difficult to imagine a peaceful outcome out of this meeting.  The paranoia will lead us to fire against them first, and I can only hope that we prevail.


"Earth First.  Make Mars our Bitch."                 “Earth first. Make Mars our bitch.” – Dale Gribble, King of the Hill


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