5 Opening Lines

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

1.  Water trickled through the aged 22nd century bulkhead with a sly ambition to find the path of next-least resistance if  Jason decided to plug the leak with his finger…..he didn’t.

2.  The high pitched screaming woke Tim up with a start, and he grunted as he realized it was his turn to relieve the pressure in the reactor chamber.

3.  “It’s ten in the morning Alex,” Replicant 22 said while sending sparks whizzing by my ear.  I threw a groggy punch from my bed and managed to hit the little robot before it could manage “time to get up.”  I enjoyed the days when 22 woke me up;  I can’t hit my mom.

4.  This is the way the world ends.

5.  Roger 456 was the most loyal friend one could have, as far as an other worlder goes at least.




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