A Halloween To Remember..

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

In honor of the coming week’s festivities, I decided these lines could use a little holiday flare.. Happy Halloween!

1. From the strange clouds of purple smog, it was obvious that something mysterious was brewing in the bio-lab that morning.

2. Reaching for the doorknob, Michelle screamed in horror as hands of the undead pulled at the hem of her dress. She had only come to Lambda Chi in search of a good time, but at the rate her evening was going, she would be lucky to leave with her life.

3. It wasn’t until her skin began to turn a mysterious shade of blue that Miranda realized she should probably have avoided the punch at DKE. This was starting to become a common occurrence. Only this time, she would be facing far more than a hangover.

4. Realization suddenly dawned upon Sam that her pursuer was not dressed as an alien at all. He was one.

5. It was a night of costumes, tequila, and drunken debauchery. Nothing out of the ordinary on a college campus. Or so they thought.



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