Five Beginnings for a Single Story

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

1. By the time the door gave way, Alyson had already taken aim. “You can’t stop this,” she declared, and though her arm shook slightly under the gun’s weight, her voice was steady and clear.

2. The harsh, antiseptic light shone down on the operating table, scouring the halo of blood, tissue, and wire that framed the patient’s head and formed the interface between machine and flesh, silicon and carbon.

3. The trouble with playing God is that sooner or later, you start to question your own existence.

4. “Oh, I’m quite confident I’m insane,” Alyson said, turning. A bitter grin twisted her features. “Wasn’t it Orwell who said that a lunatic was simply a minority of one?”

5. The day I got my life back was the day that proved, in the eyes of most of the world, that humanity could be reduced to streams of bits.

Richard W.



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