Five lines of the story

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

1. It was 2407 and humans are experiencing a global cataclysm. It is not a 2012 sort of warning originated from Mayan myth, but rather a quite predictable track that human beings finally step on.

2. Mana, April and Julio, sit in the backyard of their father’s house separately, making their own packages and treating others as air.

3. The father of these three kids was infected with this widespread disease carrying the symptom of being restless from time to time and having the weakest mental power to retain stability to their life. Even a DNA treatment cannot have a lasting effect upon such cases. However, several therapies intended to reduce pains of patients have been established and they each targets at a group of people with a particular set of preferences and priorities set up in their life.

4. The father, F, chose the therapy that regularly erases memories in his mind and in that case he takes off the unimaginable pressure resulting from looking back into his personal history of being constantly restless.

5. Life of the family F is flawed in some way known to all. But generally, people would assume that they lead a rather peaceful life from the undisturbed manners usually shown by family members. However, no one has ever been invited to the backyard of F’s house. No one has ever been. Yet surprisingly, no commonly shared curiosity has been raised so far.

Yijing S.


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