Five Preludes to Five Stories

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

1. The b0y knew that somewhere, sometime, at some place, he had met this man before, quite possibly in the dream he had last week.

2. Mona could not bring herself to push the button because it would change everything she understood about herself and the world around her, but she knew she had to do it this time, or else…

3.  Mr. Kramer was never afraid of the galinks, but he would never step outside if furlioats were visiting the planet.

4.   He knew that his mother would be up to something, but he did not think that she would resort to use the timecables to prevent him from finishing the project.

5.  The sun generation had almost become extinct, and most people could only imagine the star off of stories and films made back when sun was a trendy topic.




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