5 Opening Lines

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

  1. Jon, in the process of loading a years’ worth of food supplies onto the spaceship, took a moment to rest and reflect upon the catastrophic events of the past year. The Second Cold War had finally erupted into an all-out conflict, and Earth would soon be nearly uninhabitable; the evacuation from the planet was imminent, at least for those who could afford it.
  2. The alien spaceship loomed menacingly on the horizon; no one had expected to find intelligent life forms in this sector of the galaxy, and the prospect of a violent confrontation weighed heavily on the minds of the scientists aboard the research vessel.
  3. Ashley rushed home from school, eager to tell her mother about today’s field trip to the Jurassic period.
  4. James was only seven years old, but he already had all the knowledge of a college graduate. He was a participant in a new, groundbreaking study of brain implants that allow one to directly download knowledge.
  5.  Five years after the global ban on all forms of individual electronic communication, the rebels still struggled to bypass the World Government’s highly effective firewalls.



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