I’m Relatively Uplifted

September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Blog 3: I’ll be honest. Before this reading assignment, my view of wormholes and time machines was probably similar to that of the majority of people. It made for decent science fiction, and not much else. Upon my reading of Kip Thorne’s discussion of “Sagan questions” and “exotic matter” I will admit to becoming slightly uplifted. To me, the idea that we have yet to discover the greatest secret the universe has to offer is enthralling. It absolutely fascinates me that the universe has hidden great mysteries virtually under our noses. And here we are, just hoping, praying even, to discover them.

As I read further into the chapter, the brilliance of the scientists at the forefront of quantum mechanics and such fields becomes readily apparent. It isn’t their knowledge that amazes; anyone can amass knowledge. It is their imagination. Simply sitting in a room and spinning off revolutionary ideas astounds me. Sure it takes years of education to even be able to comprehend such ideas; however, the act of generating such ideas is something that cannot be taught.

Now, you might be asking, Pranav why did this make you feel uplifted? The notion that there are scientists who devote their valuable days thinking about wormholes and time machines indicates that there is hope. Hope for time machines. Hope for wormholes. As a nerd, nothing pleases me more than the stuff of what was once purely science fiction, becoming reality: a transition from the story book to the science journal.

Yes, we are still nowhere near close to proving the existence of such phenomena let alone creating one (as Sagan suggested in his book) but the simple act of pondering and ruminating about such things increases ones imagination, and wasn’t it Einstein himself who realized the importance of imagination? I guess all this ruminating begs the question: what would we do with a time machine if one was conjured? Isn’t the answer obvious? Completely mess with the 4-D fabric of space-time and create paradoxes on a universal scale. Duh.

As mere humans, we cannot even comprehend the idea that is time. Perhaps it is wise such insignificant creatures as us leave it as is: untouched. Maybe someday we will have the know-how to “mess” with time, but that day is not today. Or tomorrow for that matter. If anything, we need to learn from the past and plan for a future. Not switch the two around.

-Pranav Santapuram


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