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September 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Blog 3: After reading “Wormholes and Time Machines,” I must say I am impressed by all the thought put into the possibility of a wormhole creating the ability for an infinitely advanced civilization to travel through time. However, were I to bet on a more probable theory, my money is on Stephen Hawking’s skepticism.

Say wormholes exist. Say we are an infinitely advanced civilization capable of creating and sustaining the exotic material required to keep the wormhole open. Say we could control where those wormholes exist and therefore use them to travel through time. Would the laws of the universe allow it?

I have my doubts. I agree with Hawking’s opinion that nature abhors time machines. I can understand Hawking’s explanation that circulating vacuum fluctuations would destroy the time machine. Not being physics major, however, I have to come up with my own example.

I thought about earthquakes. It is said that all materials oscillate at certain frequencies. If the frequencies caused by an earthquake match those of the oscillating material of, for example, a building, the building will engage in harmonic motion, vibrating at the same frequency, and will essentially be destroyed. If similar frequencies of oscillation can take down a building, I can see how circulating vacuum fluctuations which equal the oscillations of the wormhole could destroy it.

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? So if the universe could stand for the creation of a wormhole, surely there is also an opposite which may oppose it, like matter and antimatter. So while the wormhole is being created, so too is its downfall, the energy required for the circulating vacuum fluctuations. Because the two cancel each other out, I doubt the possibility of the ability of a wormhole to be stable for any extended amount of time useful for human manipulation.

In order for the infinitely advanced civilization to create a wormhole capable of use for time travel, the civilization would have to combat the laws of the universe. Is it possible for a part of the whole to recreate the whole? As part of the universe, could any civilization ever manipulate the laws of the universe and disobey their fundamental laws? The only way I see this ever being possible is if we radically misunderstand the laws of physics today.

Of course, that has happened before.


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