Greetings from college!

October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Hadley,

How’s it going buddy? I hope high school is treating you well. Tenth grade was absolutely awesome if I recall correctly, so enjoy it. Believe me, getting your driver’s license is not overrated in the least. Yes, I know the Jeep sounds like it’s going to explode when you drive it over 40 mph, but so far so good. You’re still here to write this letter, aren’t you? Just a hint: apparently the windows are extremely easy to pry open with a crowbar, so don’t leave your iPod in there at night. Especially don’t do that twice; you’ll end up with a barely functioning passenger window and a door that only opens from the inside. Also, you know the whole “no driving after 9pm for the first six months of your license” law in NC? Yeah that actually exists, despite what you may hear. Finally, be careful when you’re merging onto I-77. There are some reckless drivers out there, and sometimes they won’t let you in without a fight. Just keep that in mind. Alright, enough with the backseat driving; I’m probably reminding you of Mom, considering I’m reminding myself of her right now. Yikes.

I know your sports are going well, but be wary of leading with your head in football. It can be effective sometimes, but your brain isn’t made of steel. Protecting your noggin should be your number one priority. Perhaps you should have tried soccer? I’ll be sure to mention that in my next letter to middle school Hadley. At least be sure to bring an extra pair of contacts to every game. You might have to take a poke to the eye once or twice.

Unless you really have a desire to get surgery on a broken leg, just call in sick and skip the first lacrosse scrimmage in eleventh grade. My right ankle is still awkwardly fatter than my left, so it would be great if you could avoid that situation altogether. If you do let that happen, prepare for the worst spring break of your life. And you thought college visits were bad without crutches? Ha. You just wait.

You know, on second thought, scratch all of that. All of those mishaps will help you grow and mature so much that I don’t know if you would really be me without them. I mean I know I made them sound bad, but trust me, you’ll get through them all and be better off in the long run. You don’t leave your iPod in your car anymore, you drive a little more carefully, and you have a greater appreciation for the mind and body as one physical being. These are only a few of the most basic ways that your experiences will shape you into what you are now, me.

One thing you should absolutely change about your senior year though: don’t bother applying anywhere else but Vanderbilt. You’ll love it. It honestly pains me to think about you even considering going anywhere else.

Your Future Self,

Hadley Wilson (B5)


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