Blog 5: To My Younger Self

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear skeptical Sean,

I want you to know…no, more than merely know, but suspend all disbelief and wholeheartedly trust that this is indeed your older self writing to you from the future. Don’t ask why I’m doing this, and especially avoid asking how this letter arrived at your doorstep. Rather, just sit back and take a few words of wisdom from your wiser, more sagacious self – a mere one year older in age and experiences.

At this point, you might expect that I am some kind of fortune teller, with a crystal ball that magically spills to you all secrets of the future and tells you every little detail of the year to come, down to your choice of footwear on a certain day. But I won’t do that…instead I’ll give you hints so that even though you can mentally prepare yourself for college out-of-state, you can also learn to embrace the present without full knowledge of what is to come. Sean, I know how seriously you take things and how much you overreact to the slightest news. So think of my message as a protecting maneuver, designed to prevent your mind from thinking too hard and too far ahead into the future. Thus, my first bit of advice to you would be to live in the present and, as cliché as this sounds, enjoy things while they last.

Enjoy the Californian sun and 70-degree weather while you still can. You will be attending college in a landlocked state (I know…real specific, right?) with temperature extremes and actual four seasons. You will arrive on campus when the daytime average rarely dips below 90 degrees (not to mention humidity), whereas later on you’ll spend December mornings walking to class with frost and black ice crunching beneath your feet. So this summer, go to the beach while you still can. This will probably be the final few days where you can get away with walking around half-naked in board shorts without making a total fool of yourself.  In fact, go to the beach every day, and spend as much time soaking up the West coast rays before you head to the land of rolling hills, bipolar weather, and tornadoes that touch down on school campuses. (I bet you still can’t guess the school or state I refer to).

Weather aside, take a chance to savor all the ethnic cuisines that California has to offer, because you’ll be going to college in a state that…well…is not as famous for their Chinese egg rolls as it is famous for world-class barbecue. So besides going to the beach, I demand that you make at least one trip to your favorite revolving sushi restaurant per week, and get your fix of Grandma’s home cookin’ (soy sauce-glazed duck and handmade noodles…yum!) before it’s too late. I should be more specific: get your fix of Asian food while you still have the chance. As for Mexican cuisine, that can wait until you arrive at college. There are a number of joints around campus that offer chips and queso at ridiculously reasonable prices. (Saving money is also one of your fortes, Sean. Trust me, when you get to college, this will not change a bit. Old habits truly die hard.)

Besides enjoying weather and fine ethnic cuisine, Sean, make sure to call your grandparents every week and be with your brothers and your parents for as long as possible. Indeed, your episode in California will pass in due time, and very soon you will fly east to begin a new life in college. At this point I must close this letter and get on my way. What am I up to, you might ask? Like I’ve said before, that’s none of your business. Just worry about yourself now. Take care.

Your veritable older brother of a correspondent,

Sean Justin Lee

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