Don’t Pet That Monkey

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Me:

Hey, how’s it going? Wait, never mind, I already know. What you’re interested in is how I am doing (you know what I mean). Well, I’m doing great. College is great; I wish you could hurry up and get here already. Actually, you know what, disregard my previous statement. Take your time. Enjoy your last year of high school. You may be excited right now, thinking that I have all the answers to my past problems (aka your present ones) and a lot of secrets about your future (or my present) that will make your next year more enjoyable.

The sad truth is, I don’t have many answers – I have yet to find out how to stop procrastinating, for example. (Although it has gotten better, that’s not necessarily because of any improvement of my part, but rather just the nature of college itself). Also, I still need to stop oversleeping and wake up in time to have breakfast every day before heading off to classes. I have a great motivation though – breakfast here is delicious. If I did have all the answers, I wouldn’t even need to be writing you this letter; you would have everything figured out and be doing perfectly.

‘OK, so maybe he can’t help me with my general problems’, you tell yourself, ‘but what about specific problems I have right now that he must know about? Can’t he tell me what I should study for my next Chem test?’ Well past Rahul, my college has an honor code, and while it doesn’t mention anything specifically about helping your past self cheat, I highly suspect that it would be frowned upon. Also, I don’t necessarily remember all my past problems, like what exactly was on that Chem test. You might think that your problems right now are the most important thing in the world, but I have my own problems to deal with, and my current problems are a lot more important to me than my past ones. You see, I’ve already been there, done that. Literally.

The third reason why I’m not going to tell you anything specific about the future is because I don’t want to risk the consequences. You’ve read “A Sound of Thunder”; you know what could happen. (I will tell you that you’ll read it again). While the time scale is much smaller in this case, I still don’t want to risk anything. Why? Because, trust me, your hard work in high school will pay off, and in a better way than you could ever have expected. I’d rather not jeopardize my current existence (and your future happiness) by telling you anything that would make me change my actions in the past enough that it would significantly alter your future from what it is right now.

I can’t let you go without telling absolutely anything, so I’ll just give you some advice that I don’t think will considerably affect the future. First of all, make sure you take time to appreciate your friends. They’re the best friends in the world, and they won’t always be just a couple minutes’ drive away. The same goes for Mom and Dad. They won’t be around all the time either (this is both good and bad – more freedom, but doing your own laundry sucks). Finally, just enjoy yourself. While it may not seem like it to you, senior year is a really special time – trust me, college is completely different – so just make sure you make the best of it. Just have fun.

So long and keep up the good work,

Yours truly, Future Rahul

P.S – I really shouldn’t be telling you this, but I can’t help myself. Whatever you do, DO NOT pet that baby monkey. I know it looks cute, but rabies shots hurt.



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