Eat Fruit Everyday (Blog 5)

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Younger Pranav,

I am choosing to write to you from the mysterious realm of the unknown, or as you have often heard it called: college. Although you are now entering the meat of your high school career, college is just around the block. If I know you (and I think it is safe to assume that I do) you are already starting to “prepare” for college without even knowing what life is really like here. I’m sure somewhere in your bedroom are practice ACT and SAT books. Now I can gladly attest to the fact that they are collecting dust somewhere in the attic but until then, study hard my friend.

Sure you know that college will be academically strenuous; I’m not here to tell you that. Rather, the true challenges you will face in college will come from within rather than from a test.

I know you have questions regarding college: Will I make friends easily? Does it resemble American Pie in any way? Or perhaps Van Wilder? How homesick will I get?

I will not answer any of these questions; they are yours to uncover as you grow older. However, I will offer you several pieces of advice.

  1. Find a balance between listening to your parents and challenging authority.
  2. Eat a lot of your mother’s cooking. Don’t leave the dinner table without a food baby. Maybe even twins.
  3. Enjoy the long car drives to various relatives’ houses.
  4. Eat fruit every day.
  5. Find new ways to embarrass yourself.

Of these five pieces of advice, the most important is #5. Finding new ways to embarrass yourself forces you to step outside your comfort zone. Of course, this is easier said than done but I know by now you have settled into your little niche in the cozy town of Glasgow, Kentucky (population 14000); a town where everyone knows everyone and you can go entire weeks without seeing new faces. Don’t get comfy! College is all about breaking out of your mold and discovering who you really are and learning how to do this while in high school will make the transition easier. This is something you cannot achieve if you are constantly settling for the status quo. Think freely, don’t be afraid to mess up, try things you have no business trying. You will never again be in a place where your sole responsibility is to learn; make the most of it!

-Pranav Santapuram




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