Embrace what is to come

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Middle School Lexi,

After a lot of deliberation over what exactly to tell a 8-year younger than me self, I decided to lay out a few suggestions that will help the next few years of your life go by a bit more smoothly. One of the main pieces of advice that I can give you is to hold your head up – life is going to throw many curve balls at you, and middle school and high school are not going to be a piece of cake. Your friendships will change multiple times over the years, but you will learn who your true friends are as well as become a much stronger person after some hardships. No matter how difficult things can get, make sure that you realize your life after your first two years of college, your life will start its upswing. You will become who I am at 21 – an individual who is the product of her experiences and has embraced the good and the bad times to grow as a human being. I’m happy with who I’ve become, and I know that you’ll be too.

In order to not give too much away or change anything extremely significant in the course of your life (I want to make sure that you can learn from your mistakes the same way I did as well as laugh and cry throughout the years – the roller coaster of life is something that everyone experiences), I’ve decided to give a couple of suggestions to make your life a bit less painful. First of all, you are a very accident-prone person – as you’ve already encountered from tearing your ligament in your ankle. When you get to high school, one of my main suggestions is to avoid playing ultimate Frisbee – you’ll ultimately end up breaking your nose (trust me, it is not worth it). Second of all, on a weekend trip to Colorado, avoid having the spinach at Two Elk Lodge in Vail – E. Coli is not a fun vacation memory. Finally, the summer after your senior year of high school, even though your friend Brad can be very convincing, don’t do that back tuck into the foam pit at the open gymnastics place – 9 staples in your head is not worth it, and will leave a bit of a dent.

I know that these tips don’t help you too much, and you’re probably wondering about so much more. I’ll save you one bit of heartache – don’t ask Billy to turnabout sophomore year. Instead, take a friend! He’ll at least show up. Other than that, you need to experience everything else – and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel when things seem tough. And continue working just as hard as you do now! I know mom and dad continually say that studying will pay off and it really might not seem like it, but it definitely does. Finally, a bit of fashion/beauty advice – green eye shadow is not really the way to go, and shopping at Hot Topic needs to be stopped ASAP.

Recognize and embrace the good times – I didn’t appreciate them as much as I wish I would have in the moment, so try and look out for those special moments! One final thing – try Indian food! It took me until I was about 18 to have it, and you will not be able to stop eating it. So treat yourself to it in the mean time!


Older & Wiser Lexi  (Blog 5)


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