Hello from your future

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dear Dorchadhe,

I use the Irish spelling of your name purposefully. You have always been fascinated by what things mean and how they came to hold that meaning. If this gets back to you after third grade like it should, you’ve already read that big red Oxford dictionary. You ask mom why all the time, and you try very hard to understand all the technical jargon (specialist language: language that is used by a group, profession, or culture, especially when the words and phrases are not understood or used by other people) she uses to complain about work (that doesn’t stop any time soon so keep at it; it gets easier to understand as you get older).  You even wonder about the social causes and effects behind wars, like how much we actually won the revolutionary war, and you strive to understand politics as it affects you as a middle class citizen and how it is different for the other classes. You are very observant, and you like seeing how things make connections or come full circle. All this is tied up in how you and how others understand the meanings of different social phenomena (something experienced: a fact or occurrence that can be observed). So naturally, you wonder about the meaning of your own life. Do you have purpose, what is that purpose, is that purpose predetermined (break down the word into the root word and the prefix and you will have the meaning), and if so can you change it? Is it this presence (spelled with a c, not an s, work on your spelling) or absence of purpose which provides meaning to your life? I, your future self, cannot give you an answer because I do not have all of it yet, and even if I did I would not give it to you because you learn so much in your search for knowledge. However, I will confirm what you already think because I know it crosses your mind when you are discouraged: you are what you make yourself. Your name, Dorchadhe, is given the meaning “dark stranger.” You can be that if that is what you define yourself as, or you can assign it a new meaning if it helps you. However, you should remember that all meanings are subjective (not impartial: based on somebody’s opinions or feelings rather than on facts or evidence). The meaning of you, of your life, is not to be found in any dictionary, or to be confined in any name. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (You’ll become curious and read that play soon, and you might as well get over the dislike because you’ll study it several times in the years to come. It’s balanced out by other Shakespeare plays so don’t judge the whole by one part.)  Go forth, my younger self, and find your own meanings. Continue to ask why and how. If you would like to put stock in any part of the name you were given, you may want to adhere (support: to hold firmly to a belief, idea, or opinion) to the heritage of your name. You are Irish, and you have the Irish fighting spirit. You will never give in, no matter how hard it gets. Remember that I do in fact know this; I’m living proof, as you will someday be. Just keep in mind that mom also is Irish and has the Irish stubbornness AND temper…

I’ll leave you with something important to remember that you ought to look up for yourself. You always understand things more thoroughly when you look them up yourself anyway.

Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad.

Orion (B5)


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