Songs for the Road

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi, 7 year old Angie!

Being 7 years old is the best! Do you like big kid school? The bus lady is nice and gives free popsickles.  Brozzor beats you up sometimes but is a great older brozzor and takes good care of his sister. You will hear him play pretty violin songs.  Mommy and Daddy will buy you your first violin soon!  Zou lao shi is your teacher and makes you cry sometimes.  But you will love that violin song by that dead guy! It will make you have fun at lessons for the first time.  You bring the tape to music class.  Everyone hears it and you will be so happy!

Your big kid freind Helen does dance and you will want to do it too! You start jazz class and dance in scary sparkle clothes.  But you have lotsa fun at your first recital.  You never understand what the dance song says but its happy and you like it!  All of the parents clapped for your class too.

Have a good day!



P.S. “Lasagna” is called la-sah-nia. “Lozenges” are not the same thing.

P.P.S.  “Graze” is spelled G-R-A-Z-E.  Remember that for the 4th grade spelling bee.

P.P.P.S. There are lotsa big kid words later in this letter.  Read them when you are a big kid too!

Dear 13 year old Angie,

Wow, your finally in middle school at Powdersville now.  Miss Parker should have taught you how to use commas by now, but you forget where they go, sometimes.  Don’t feel too mad when you have trouble with them during English class!  She loves all the bunnies you draw anyways.

Make sure you spends lots of time with Danielle, Carrie, and Ashton, just in case you go to Southside High instead of Wren High.  You must be really happy right now! You won’t belong with any click but will instead try and be friends with everyone.  You’ll be super hyper around people like Danielle.  Just a suggestion- you can fit inside her cello case, so try riding it around the music room sometime.  Around this time, you’ll also be graduating from the Repertory Orchestra to the older kids’ Carolina Youth Symphony (CYS) violin section.  Remember when you heard the CYS play the Nutcracker Suite a couple years ago? I still remember how hyper you were.  I think everyone in the theater could hear you stomp your feet along with the conductor.  Get excited because you can finally play that piece during Christmas!

Don’t crush on Albert too hard.  The only reason you really like him is because he has brown hair. Isn’t that a little weird?  Also, remember that you’re supposed to actually dress up for the 8th grade dance. Don’t run away from the guy who asks you to dance, too!  He’s actually pretty nice.

Bye bye,


Greetings, 17 year old Angie, 

You’ve really grown up now, haven’t you? I can’t believe you’re finally applying to colleges and starting your last year at Southside.  Here are a couple things that you have to know:

Grades are not everything. You have been pretty hung up on getting 100’s in your classes; however, remember that these numbers are trivial.  Trust me, you won’t even remember what 90% of those tests were like when you get to college.  Letting go of dance for academics was definitely a big mistake, so don’t do the same for track and orchestra.  Never take the things you love for granted.

Appreciate friends. Don’t freak out (although I know you will anyways) but the first semester of senior year will be very difficult for you. Emotionally. Judy, Sravya, Reina, and Nidhi are some of the most beautiful friends imaginable, so don’t blow off opportunities to hang out with them just because you have a biology test.  That’s really lame btw.  But first and foremost, never stop appreciating and loving your friendship with Gary. You guys will listen to tons of cheesy, K-pop music, but you’ll definitely remember those jam sessions the most.  Just remember that life can be unexpectedly short.  Don’t scoff at his crazy career dreams, but take some of his optimism for yourself.  He’ll change you for the better.

Signing off,

Angela L. (Blog 5)


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