Blog 6: Sci-fi Pickup Lines

October 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

1. Millions of years before the rise of unicellular life, Earth was bathed in a sea of organic compounds. Each individual compound was endowed with its own chemical signature as well as a distinct volition that modern man calls consciousness – enabling each compound to intentionally violate the cold, impersonal laws that nowadays underpin all chemical bonding.

2. They say that at absolute zero, all motion – as well as passage of time – ceases to exist.

3. Tabkur was a medium-sized, Earth-like planet that revolved in a figure-eight pattern around two red giants in the Andromeda galaxy. For Tabkur’s inhabitants, two millennia had passed since their planet had last wandered dangerously close to one of their suns.

4. I slammed my textbook down on the counter: what kind of archaic scientific readings did my instructor assign me today? Discovery of the Higgs boson, final proof of the string theory…even my grandfather, who was born on the exact day on which Einstein would have turned 300, thinks my textbook is antiquated.

5. Detective Johnson clipped into his belt a shiny metallic weapon – an antimatter pistol that shot infinitesimal quantities of the exotic substance, resulting in spectacular matter-antimatter annihilations capable of wiping a human being from the face of Earth.

Sean Justin Lee


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