First Impressions

October 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

1.  There used to be a name for gifted people like Aiko. Tobi ga taka wo umu, or a hawk born from kites.  Only now, everyone can be a hawk.

2.  If you ask for her most treasured memory, she’ll tell you it’s a scent.  Ask her for her favorite story, and she’ll say it’s a song.

3.  Before he left for his expedition from Narita Station, I remember seeing sakura blossoms fall behind him in frail, blushing blankets.  He told me to expect his messages  to arrive from across the intergalactic drift when the streets were covered once more.  This year, the petals were as white as snow. The Federation decided that pink was distasteful.

4.  Julian dragged himself from beneath his blankets as the morning alarm rang incessantly in his bedroom.  As always, he gave a deep shudder as he uploaded himself into his school’s network.  Mondays were the worst.

5.  Harry quickly spit out the meatloaf that the lunch lady had unceremoniously dumped on his tray.  It tasted far too much like an E sharp.

Please enjoy my first lines for the sci-fi stories running through my head.  Which one would you be most inclined to read?

-Angela L.



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§ 2 Responses to First Impressions

  • smithdk2 says:

    I loved the taste of E sharp. The blending of two sensory perceptions is an excellent idea for a scifi story. It would be interesting to see how interpretations of objects and ideas would change based on the change in perception.


  • wilsonh6 says:

    I really liked #3 because the visual imagery of the blossoms drew me in, and I immediately got a feeling of “something is not right” from the situation.


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