Five Fascinating Firsts

October 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

1. The Geiger counter was now going so fast that they couldn’t hear the individual clicks anymore.

2. Will still couldn’t understand their explanation of how they were able to harness the quantum tunneling effect and apply it to objects on a macroscopic scale – such as the human body – but there was the portal device, in his hands.

3. I thought that the Cold War ended in 1991. That was before the government gave me a special tour of their brand-new antimatter bomb facility. Apparently, it’s still going on five hundred years later.

4. In retrospect, there was really no one to blame. Certainly not the bacterium – it was just doing what every other living organism does, trying to ensure its continued survival. Even if its survival and our survival were mutually exclusive events.

5. As the spaceship violently buckled under the strain, the realization came to me slowly, horribly – we had terribly miscalculated the radius of the event horizon.

pacopal (Rahul Pathak)



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§ One Response to Five Fascinating Firsts

  • lzarecky says:

    I really like your first lines – the fourth one is a really good starting line to a Contagion-like story, or a spreading disease. I’m curious what science fiction story could come of this – it could be a bacteria that turns everyone into aliens, or something of the sorts that changes the human race (not necessarily one that wipes out the human race).


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