Five First Lines

October 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

1. Once upon a time, the thing growing inside her would have been a perfect genetic mix of Arthur and her. She liked to imagine the hand of fate drawing codons from a lottery machine –A’s and C’s and G’s and T’s bobbing around the bowl to spell out the curve of Arthur’s eyebrows or her own violent freckles.

2. The tour groups always get giddy when they first walk into the Intergalactic Natural History Museum. They get some sick thrill at the sight of all the alien bodies floating in preservatives, I guess.

3. At first I couldn’t pick my past self out of the swirl of high school students as they left the building.

4. They told me that my name was Andrew Carter and I had been in a “Terrible Accident.”

5. The first thing anyone asks me is what outer space is like. Usually I tell them it’s like camping in the wilderness alone, underneath the brilliant and velvety dome of stars, only more beautiful than you could ever possibly imagine because instead of being a couple miles from the city lights you’re a few million lightyears away. I want to tell them it’s really fucking cold.



§ One Response to Five First Lines

  • smiths28 says:

    Opener #1 really made an impact on me. Not only does it immediately establish the subject matter and a sense of mystery/foreboding, but it’s also extremely poetic. I would definitely be interested in following the corresponding story to its conclusion!


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