Gimme Five

October 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

B6:  Five ideas for “hooks” to kick-start a Sci-Fi story…

1)  As soon as he stepped foot on the ship’s bridge, the Captain understood why he’d been disturbed from his much-needed slumber. Resting before him, in a forgotten solar system in a forgotten outskirt of the Milky Way, was a little rock long since dismissed as legend.  Suddenly aware that all eyes were on him, his jaw snapped shut and he murmured, eyes still lost in the blue and green, “Officer Boyd, send a dispatch to headquarters and tell them we found it… We found Earth.”

2)  The day of my accident, every news outlet in the world was reporting on the first-ever contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life.  When I came to twelve days later, I could only gather two things: 1) They were smarter than we were, and 2) They were not friendly.

3)  “Any last words, buddy?” one of the twenty-first-century soldiers shouted.  The screen projected on the interior of my helmet visor flashed “CALCULATIONS COMPLETE”: 8 adversaries, 5 arranged in a semicircle (distances 7-18 feet) and 3 detected on nearby rooftops (distances 38, 49, and 71 feet).  In a word?  Easy.  I suppressed a grin as I responded, “A word of advice: Never bring a gun to a laser fight.”

4)  In the midst of finger pointing, heated shouting, the clamor of alarms, and the groans of injured crew members, my eyes gravitated toward the look of utter shock on the face of Ted Yang, the ship’s Head Scientist, and that’s when I knew: We were never going back.

5)  If there was a silver lining to my prodigious black eye, it was the first-hand knowledge that I could throw a pretty decent punch.



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