Killer Hooks

October 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

A macabre series of opening lines to match the title of this blog post.

1. As Peter gazed at the colossal asteroid, it gazed straight back at him and blinked.

2. The being was divine it seemed, containing a conscience so vast and powerful it single-handedly made Jeff a believer.

3. Through the lens of the microscope, back into the nightmare, thought Dr. Chang. The strain was simply resistant to everything that was thrown at it. It just would not die.

4. As the morning sun evaporated the lingering fog, it appeared in the distance: the last island, the last truly uncharted place on this planet. It was then they heard a roar, an old roar, a primeval, carnivorous roar.

5. The signal that was being emitted was a sort of electromagnetic pulse that acted on human brain rather that technology. 10,000 of society thrown out the window; we were back in the wild. And it was war.

-Pranav Santapuram



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