Starting Lines

October 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

These lines don’t necessarily telegraph that the ensuing story will be hard sci-fi but I did have a sci-fi scenario/story to follow from each. I thought it was more fun that way and hopefully no one will be puzzled by that. Here they are:

1. Over the years Wilbur had collected first editions of all his favorites. They sat neatly on his shelves: Havelita, All The King’s Swine, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ham. 

2. “Sit down slowly,” the voice intones. “Place your offerings into the basin and close your eyes. Take five careful, measured breaths. Wait.”

3.  I suppose I began the journal because I thought nothing would come of it. Nothing ever comes of most things, and in my time I have found that nothing is often as pleasant a conclusion as something can have.

4. Because Ellen always talked about her sister’s son like as if he ought to be the joy and the envy of everyone alive, I decided it best for me to leave the small shop and begin to seek work elsewhere.

5.  When she came in to greet him she was wearing a coat he did not recognize. It was gold and long- it reached almost to the floor- and startling in a way no coat had any business being. Impertinent Coat. The coat twitched and seemed to make a belching sound but he pretended to ignore it and returned to his work.

-Will Tarnell



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