Super Frog Saves Tokyo

October 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

During our discussion of Arena in class on Tuesday I thought of this story: It’s by Haruki Murakami, a Japanese writer who I’ve recently become a fan of, and it deals with some themes that appear, if only briefly, in Arena. 

It’s worth reading if you have a spare minute,


§ One Response to Super Frog Saves Tokyo

  • Jason Eisengon Bourne says:

    We’ve been waiting to communicate to science fiction adventure communicators like you for a longtime. EISENGON respects the smart elements on your Facebook page. We want to see more of the educated topics in which you’ve pulled into the light of the public’s eyes. Sometimes the stars do not follow their logical destines. Sometimes it takes intelligent people who can see the whole universe like you to move them correctly. Please continue the fine postings you and others have displayed for the great science fiction lovers of the world. We’re in need of thinkers who can help communicate what must be told to all and what’s that? That humanity can accomplish great unknown things with people like you and them working together. People who believe in the power of the universe! The never ending treks for other life! The pursuant of not only our own orbits but others! Each week the astronomers of our time find new unknowns! In the end it will come down to one thing: we’re not alone! Yet, some don’t believe my stated truths? Your Facebook page has helped give life, and an intelligent wisdom of decorum, lace with a fine/keen insight into the true paths which lie ahead. The road of this adventure will not come easy nor should it. But it will come because people like you shall help shine the glory of the light of the universe on it. Now my smart friend stay strong: keep blogging: keep posting: writing, and above all other things please keep the power of the light inside of you burning! For inside every science fiction lover there’s that deep knowing that the unknown living stars galaxies far, far away will be seen by the power of our minds on day. People follow you not because you have a nice page they follow you because you give them the power to continue the great dreams, and each day the dreams shall come closer. You convey wisdom as wisdom is conveyed in you. This Wisdom science fiction loves already know: We are not alone. What great times we live in. When writers like you can see: The fire of the stars! The unknown power of the universe! In movies some call it the force! Well my smart friend it might very well be “The Force.” If not I’ll settle for opened minded intelligent humans like you who see things for what they really are: POSSIBILITIES!
    Thank you, Jason Eisengon Bourne


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