At First Sight

November 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Log 10950. 11.05.32. 2200. Control Room of the Virginia.We have finally located an alien vessel. Vessel was detected on the scanners at 1200 today. Our ship’s shields are fully functional. We are confident we are undetected. Scans of internal structure will begin at 0800 tomorrow. Signing out, Capt. McCarthy.

 Log 10951. 11.06.32. 2300. Control Room of the Virginia.Scanning of the alien vessel commenced today. Vessel is constructed out of a material that appears to be similar to our own carbon nanotubes. This suggests their civilization at the time of their takeoff was no more or less advanced than Earth’s at the time of our takeoff. We also infer that the presence of carbon nanotubes may suggest carbon-based life on the alien’s planet of origin. After this discovery we decided not to attempt contact with vessel, but to observe through scans. We do not want to be tailed back to Earth by aliens whose hostility is unknown. Scanning of external ship structure was completed at 1500. Scanning of internal ship structure commenced at 1700. Thermal imaging shows life forms aboard the ship. More detailed scanning of life forms will commence at 0800 tomorrow. Signing out, Capt. McCarthy.

 Log 10952. 11.07.32. 2200. Control Room of the Virginia.We believe the alien life forms may have evolved in a similar manner to our own evolution. They are bipedal organisms. They seem to have a hierarchal system, with each organism reporting to a higher organism, and these higher organisms report to the highest. There are no outward signs that indicate why this organism is elevated above the rest, but based on the mannerisms of the organism outlines we have generated from our scans to study the aliens, the lower forms resent the power and mannerisms of the higher. He seems to be rather condescending, assuming the aliens experience emotions in the same manner as we humans do. Our scans are not advanced enough to create detailed models of the physical characteristics of the aliens, so we must study their mannerisms to estimate if they are hostile or not. Signing off, Capt. McCarthy.

 Log 10953. 11.08.32. 2100. Control Room of the Virginia.More study of the aliens brings us to the conclusion that they are hostile. The leader seems to be highly aggressive and quick to act. We are moving in to eliminate the ship to prevent any chance of them knowing of our existence. Attack will commence at 0900 tomorrow. We will come in eye sight of the ship, hopefully before they can see us with bare eyes. This first sight of the alien threat will be our last. This threat to us and potentially Earth must be eliminated. Signing off, Capt. McCarthy.

 Log 10954. 11.09.32. 1000. Control Room of the Virginia.Elimination of ship is cancelled. Removing from area at full warp speed. When we moved in for the kill, the first zoomed image the outer cameras provided of the ship revealed the name painted on the side of the ship. It said Virginia…

Orion, B7



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