Aliens of Vastly Different Size

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

The world of science fiction has no lack of first encounter stories, and the idea of bizarre alien life forms is definitely an idea that has been explored extensively.  There have been stories about aliens who are different colors than us, aliens who have different organs than us, aliens who think differently than us,  and sometimes even aliens made of a different type of matter than us.  However, one assumption that we always seem to make about alien life forms that we would encounter is that they are close to the same size as us.  I would love to see a science fiction story written about intelligent aliens who are a vastly different size than us, so different that communication is difficult or impossible.

The aliens that we encounter could be miniscule, and much smaller than any life form we are familiar with, but still incredibly intelligent.  They could roam the seas of some distant planet which are like galaxies to them.  Or, more interestingly, we could be the miniscule life forms, and the galaxies that we are roaming could be small seas or lakes to a much larger life form.

We could encounter aliens who are the size of planets.  They might roam the solar systems and galaxies through the void of space, not needing air to breathe, only stars to feed on.  They might appear to be ordinary planets from our point of view, when really they are incredibly intelligent beings.  They  might be able to manipulate the light that comes from them to get rid of all detectable traces that might make us think there is intelligent life there.

Or, the aliens we encounter could be even larger than planets.  They could be as large as galaxies.  There could be some race of creatures that was born in the Big Bang, and that now roams the Universe, appearing to be just a normal galaxy, but actually being a highly intelligent life form.  They might feed on other galaxies.

In any of these cases, it would be extremely difficult to recognize these aliens as life.  They would appear to us to be just another part of the Universe and nothing extraordinary.  Or if they were miniscule, they might escape our notice altogether.  And even if we did manage to recognize them as life, we would have no guaranteed way of communicating with them because not only are they completely alien and unfamiliar with human languages, but the vast differences in size would assure that our forms of communication were qualitatively different.  In all it would be quite a confusing experience to encounter such aliens.

-PJ Jedlovec (pjjed) (B7)


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