How alien can an alien truly be?

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

In thinking of the most alien intergalactic creature I can picture, all of the different alien’s I’ve seen in science fiction movies and stories flashed through my mind. From the creature in Alien to the spider-like creature in Tiptree’s “Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death,” there have been many attempts to create aliens that frighten or seem truly alien to us humans. However, it’s hard to imagine something that would be extremely alien – if we saw it, would we even recognize it as something we would consider an alien? Or would it have to have some human characteristics or qualities for us to consider it an alien? It could be a gaseous creature on another planet, but invisible to humans – considering it doesn’t have a solid life form, this is probably the most alien of aliens, but we wouldn’t even notice that it was there

So, in thinking of an alien that has some aspect of the human race, the most alien creature that I can envision is one that retains a human shape made of organic molecules, but with frightening and alien differences from the normal human form that we are used to. It’s ‘skin’ is a rubberized crimson red – the alien is not supported by bones but from this malleable and thick skin, thus when it moves it’s more of a blob that has legs reforming every step it makes. It’s able to transform itself into various shapes to squeeze through small spaces, and is extremely fast in its movements. Its head is a translucent red, and you can see its brain and its underlying veins.

The alien is able to produce sounds that are audible to the human ear. In my opinion, if an alien species communicated telepathically or by other means that humans wouldn’t be able to hear or recognize that communication is happening, we wouldn’t be as frightened of the alien because we would think it was not an intelligent species. Overall, the most alien alien that I can conceive is somewhat similar to humans, but has enough differences to be frightening if ever a human encountered it.

-Lexi Zarecky


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