Room 0023

September 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Room 0023 read the white numbers etched into the grey door in front of me. I looked down at the note that The Professor had written me, Today’s Assignment: Room 0023. Knock first, Helen likes to answer the door. I raised my hand and tapped on the door.

Helen answered. She stood in front of me, smiling and smelling like apple cobbler. Not only was she the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, but she had a certain life in her eyes that begged me to stick around and get acquainted.

“Hello,” she said warmly, “Come on in.”

I entered Room 0023 to find a small kitchen with a table just big enough for three. At the table sat a man wearing what appeared to be rec specs from outer space. He held his hands out in front of him like he was reading the newspaper, casually flipping through pages and occasionally stopping to glance an article up and down.

Helen motioned for me to sit, and immediately set down a cup of tea upon my obliging. The man looked up; his eyes were a little glazed over, as if he had either gotten too much sleep or none at all.

“Do you like my glasses?” he grinned.

I nodded and asked what they did. He proceeded to spend the next ten minutes explaining the science behind interactive virtual reality goggles. He told me about the world of options that he had in front of his fingertips, completely invisible to everyone else in the room. Helen moved around the kitchen, frequently grabbing my attention and pulling it away from the lecture. She had a certain grace to her movements; everything she did, she did with precision.

At the end of my lesson, I asked if I could try them on. He said no, because they were only in the prototype phase.

I finished my tea and Helen lightly touched my shoulder as she bent over to take it from me. We exchanged a look and my heart jumped. I looked at the man that this siren was so devoted to. I guess scientists do get all the girls.

He told me it was time to go, and to send The Professor “Dave’s Regards.” I left the room and went to the elevator, exiting Stevenson from the main lobby of the chemistry building. Back in my dorm, I quickly wrote an overview for The Professor about the possibilities of interactive virtual reality goggles. Right before I sent him the email, I saw he had already left a note in my mailbox. It was only one line long:
How did you like your first encounter with a robot? –The Professor

It took me a second to realize what had happened. A chill ran down my spine as reality sunk in; I might be in love with an android…



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