The Last Crosser

September 5, 2015 § 1 Comment

There is a gate at the end of our world. On the other end of that gate lies, well, no one really knows. According to the Prophetics, it is a land of unimaginable wonders beyond the comprehension of simple men. I imagine a kaleidoscope of colors, far from the endless gray that characterizes our atmosphere. As every school child knows, our realm was once a part of this godly land. Every citizen was allowed to pass through the gate on the eve of his or her 200th birthday. On that night, at precisely 2100 hours, each of us was free to journey into the unknown and explore the promised splendor of this other, pristine world. However, once one passed through to the other side, they could never return. My generation was the last to be offered such an opportunity.

In my 150th year, I stood and watched as my brother proudly strode towards the passage platform. Great steel claws descended upon him, and I listened to thousands of tiny gears rearranging as the claws slowly pulled back the imposing metal doors. Despite the chorus of cheers and applause emanating from the small crowd assembled to bid him farewell, I only felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. You see, in my world, there were two types of people. Those that yearned for their chance to go through the gate, the crossers, and those that dreaded it, the lubbers. I belonged to the latter camp. From the first moment I learned of the realm beyond the gate, I knew I did not belong there. So on the day of my brother’s choosing, I felt no happiness. My brother and I were extremely close, but I had never shared his desire to cross over. After his day of passage, I knew that I would never see him again.

In the final moments of his passage, something unheard of occurred. Millions of hopeful crossers had been transported through without incident, but on this day, as my brother stepped across the threshold, a great explosion shook the platform. The great claws splintered, disintegrating into thousands of fragmented metal chunks. I watched helplessly as a cloud of metal scraps spiraled towards me. I can still recall the stunned silence, overbearing in the moments following what we all know as the great collapse. That was back in the year 6907. To this day, no one can explain the events of that day. The brightest minds from across the land were assembled, but no one has been able to repair the claws, and the gateway remains closed to this day. My brother was the last to enter through those gates, the final crosser.



§ One Response to The Last Crosser

  • The Other Side: After the Crossing

    The cheers of the crowd echoed off the metal walls around me as I strode through the opening into the unknown. Darkness began to envelop me. Behind me, I could faintly hear a crack, and as I turned around I saw the stream of light from my home closing suddenly like an eye snapping shut. And then I was alone.

    Throughout our lives we had always heard about the great land that would greet us after our crossing, we talked and dreamed of its marvels; but we had never discussed, never even imagined what happened during.

    The black around me was worse than the dark of night. No star nor moon broke through. As I tried to take a step in what I hoped was the direction of the marvelous new world, I found no solid ground beneath me. I was drifting in nothingness through an infinite void. Time became indefinite. At first, I kept thinking, hoping I would reach the beautiful land I had been promised; but as I drifted that hope slowly faded, and I was left with a feeling as empty as the expanse around me.

    I felt fear next; I was afraid of this unknown. This was not the same unknown I had willingly stepped into. That unknown was the kind that promised greatness and marvel and could be imagined by the mind. That unknown I had been in many times; I had placed myself there in my dreams. That unknown I had longed for all of my life, not this. This unknown was unimaginable.

    I drifted. As I drifted, I experienced every emotion. I felt hope, fear, sadness, and anger; frustration, regret, loneliness, and despair. Each feeling flooded me with greater magnitude than I had ever experienced, then trickled out until I was left empty again. My final feeling did not come this way, however. It came on like a gentle stream, filling me with a warmth I did not realize I had been lacking. I felt peace.

    I drifted on, feeling nothing but serenity, sliding tranquilly into infinite slumber. A peace more marvelous than any world.



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