Always Eat Your Meat

September 11, 2015 § 1 Comment

Once upon a time ahead

The world began anew

The animals we’ve known were dead

Homo sapiens vanished, too

Our kind may have disappeared

But others still remained

One race was brutish, to be feared

The other, not the same

The first ones-Morlocks, they were named

Had bodies white as milk

They hunted flesh, were beasts untamed

And wore no clothes, no silk

The others—Eloi—had few faults

When it came down to looks

But—they didn’t work at all

And had no care for books

All they did was lounge around

And pick their teeth all day

But far below, under the ground

To Morlocks, they were prey

For Morlocks, though they looked like apes

And (likely) smelled like feet

They disregarded greens and grapes

And settled for Eloi meat

See—they were smart, you understand

Had culinary taste

The Eloi, on the other hand

Lived off of gross health shakes

So to the untrained eye, it seems

The Eloi’s lives are neat

But you and I can clearly see

That they have no meat

So when the future does come near,

It may be not be so bleak

Just remember to contribute to society, eliminate classism and get off of your aristocratic high horse

And always eat your meat.

Bushra Rahman


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§ One Response to Always Eat Your Meat

  • defabrsa says:

    First off, the title of this piece (along with the closing line) immediately brought me back to “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” by Pink Floyd. I don’t think that’s where the inspiration came from, but thought it was worth mentioning.

    This piece of poetry reignites some of the questions that the futuristic world Wells creates raises. It captures the subtle speciation that occurs in the short 800,000 year gap that the Time Traveler first jumps, and makes me hungry to watch the havoc that classism wreaks on Wells’ poor vision for the future.

    I also love the rhyme scheme and succinct lines. It’s a very aesthetic poem to read all around. Ultimately, this was a lot of fun to get to experience. Thanks for sharing!

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