Thoughts on Navigating the 4th Dimension

September 11, 2015 § 1 Comment

The brisk autumn breeze bringing the smell of spiced apples and carved pumpkin into my lungs. The cranking of the tractor engine as it chugged through the cornfields giving the day a lively cadence. The mural of nature painted across the wide, expansive field brightening the entire scene. And above all else, a whimsical feeling of excitement coursing through my being as I experienced the beauty of a pumpkin patch on an Illinois Autumn afternoon for the first time.

All of these elements are still etched into my memory from that day so long ago — all of it so vivid and powerful. Yet, when I return to that same exact pumpkin patch as idyllic as ever, it does not elicit the same feeling. It is not that the world has changed, but rather that I have changed. Quite literally, I am in an entirely different position in 4 dimensional space, which renders the culmination of my perspective and realities of the 3rd dimension to be an entirely different product. Our experience is as much a result of what the 3rd dimensional world presents and the constantly changing perspective through which we perceive it. 

It seems that time travel as we have discussed in our class is described as maintaining one’s perspective in the 4th dimension (that is remaining as one is in the present) while returning to the physical setting of the past. Based off my experiences of seeing how different the same setting can be depending on the time in which you perceive it, I believe that it is inappropriate to describe it as returning to the past. Yes, one is travelling to the same setting, but their perspective is undoubtedly different. I believe that this is not a return to the past, but rather the introduction to some new loop within the 4th dimension. To me, time travel, would most appropriately describe ones ability to traverse both the 3rd dimensional settings, but also the 4th dimensional state of being that one embodies.

-Kyle Uber


§ One Response to Thoughts on Navigating the 4th Dimension

  • it’s always interesting to read people’s interpretations of a 4th dimension. In this case, isolating the 4th dimension as a fixed, unmoving sense of perspective while space dimensions move about it is interesting – let us imagine then a universe fluctuating around an unmoving observer. the perspective shift is imperative, but it should be continuous. I’m intrigued by your introduction of a “loop” into the 4th dimension- how does that inform the perspective shift, and, subsequently, how can an individual comfortably traverse time knowing the shift exists?


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