Top (& Bottom) Five from Gravity

October 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

***Spoiler alert***

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity follows astronaut Ryan Stone’s tumble through the cosmos to land back on planet earth. Here’s the good (and not so good) from my perspective.

Top Five

1.The opening credits of the earth and the views of space throughout the movie were breathtaking!

2.“Wow this would be awesome in 3d!” Unlike many films which use 3D as a gimmick, Gravity would be really cool to see in 3D. Not only for the excellent effects but also to get a sense of how big space is!

3.    The cinematography was way impressive. From the display of space to the zero-gravity scenes within the space station Gravity nails it in terms of special effects.

4.Dr. Stone’s backstory of her tragically deceased daughter fit in surprising well with the story’s general plot. It made it easy to understand her emotional and mental struggles without needing to have her explain it point for point.

5.The movie has a happy(ish) ending! Despite all the odds, Stone returns to planet earth safe, sound and arguably better than before she left it.

Bottom Five

1.Sandra’s panicked breathing distracted me for a large part of the film. As a viewer I understand the need to show her panicking in space, but after a bit I found it taking up more of my attention than the general plot.

2.Three words. George lets go.

3.There is a lot of time just watching Sandra “hang out” in space. Maybe it’s just my short attention span as an American viewer but I found my interest drifting (pun intended) after a few shots of the same general moment.

4.Back to Sandra, I didn’t like how she (the woman) had to be the one freaking out for the film’s duration and how George (the man) got to be perfectly cool floating away to his space-death. I wish we’d seen him express a bit more humanity because I bet he was scared too!

5. Jarring transitions between silence and sound were unsettling to me throughout. Understand it thematically, didn’t love it as a viewing experience.

-Laura Davia


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