Report: Terra

November 13, 2015 § 1 Comment

Never have I seen such a pittiful situation as this.  It sickens me to describe.

The planet is good; resources are abundant.  Most of the surface of the planet is covered with “seas” of liquid dihydrogen monoxide containing aqueous ions.  The compound should easily be purified and its abundance would supply enough hydrogen to power the fusion reactors for many years to come.  The atmosphere of the planet is thick and keeps the surface extremely warm.  Furthermore, study has shown the temperature seems to be continuously rising due to activities of the indigenous species, Homo sapiens, or humans as they call themselves.  The heat combined with the toxicity of high content nitrogen in the gaseous mixture would make protective suits a necessity.  Aluminum and iron are abundant in the outer layer of the planet and would be easily harvestable through ore mining.

Life on the planet is abundant, as expected with abundance of resources. However, H. sapiens seems to be the only species that has reached relative intelligence and possesses aspects of civilization, though they are the most uncivilized “civilization” I have personally encountered.  As mentioned earlier in the report, they are causing a constant rise in the planet’s temperature, affecting the suitability of the environment for themselves and other species.  They gain energy from the most primative method, through the combustion of hydrocarbons, and in turn release the compound carbon dioxide which is constantly adding into their planet’s greenhouse effect.  Studies have shown that they know this is occurring and have yet to switch to fission, the most primative of nuclear power.  They seem more intersted in furthering nuclear weapons than nuclear power sources.  In my opinion, this counts as an early sign that there will be no further progression toward true civilization for the species.  This is not the only way they exploit the planet around theim, either.  Their own waste is continuously increasing and further polluting air, land, and water.  As a whole, the species seems not to care about this, not looking to the implications these things could have in the future for their descendants.  If that is not enough of a sign of stagnation in development, the fact that the species is so near to overpopulation that millions of their own die of starvation everyday and they have not done anything about it should be a clear sign that their “civilization” is going no where.  It seems their inhumane method of population contol is to either let their own die with no aid or to kill each other off in wars, fighting over territory and resources like beasts.  Their communities exist in small tribes of “countries” ruled by one or sometimes many chief-like persons and they possess no unified culture, instead choosing to murder one another for reasons as simple as differences in local beliefs.  It seems the only consistency in the species is their savagery.  I have watched this indigenous population for many of their local years, seen multiple of their generations live and die, and they show no sign of changing.  Their situation is pitiful.  If they do not kill themselves off before a major resource aquisition effort, it would not be a loss for us to wipe out the species with high dose radiation before our first ship landed.  Machines could do any work better than the manual labor of the H. sapiens. If kept alive, the species would only be a liability.

Suggested Plan of Action: Immediate extermination of Homo sapiens followed by cultivation of resources.

Restoration Possibility: None.  There is no hope for Terra.

-Cassie Woolley


§ One Response to Report: Terra

  • sarahmjamison says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog entry, not only because it was well written, but because it brings up a major global issue through a science fiction lens.
    Your entry pokes fun at human beings and shows how pathetic it truly is that we are fully aware of our impact on the Earth, yet do not actually change anything to correct for climate change. Darwin’s Origin of Species discusses how it is those species that can adapt that survive and propagate. Humans have come a long way from our early ancestors, thus showing that we clearly have the capacity to adapt and overcome. We are at the highest evolutionary level that we have ever been, and yet we fail to adapt to the changing climate around us. It is tragically comical.

    – S. Jamison


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