Cloud Atlas Clue

April 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

For my final project, I did a Cloud Atlas the movie inspired Clue! game. The following is the instruction portion of my project:


Come join your favorite characters from Cloud Atlas in a game of Clue! Adam, Robert, Luisa, Timothy, Sonmi-451, and Zachry have joined forces to find out who killed their most precious people: Tilda, Sixsmith, Isaac, Ursula, Hae-Joo, and Meronym. In this alternate universe, Old Georgie, also one of the suspects, has thrust these characters into a world where all time periods are connected through doors. One of the villains- Henry Goose, Vyvyan Ayrs, Bill Smoke, Nurse Noakes, Boardman Mephi, and Old Georgie-has successfully enacted their revenge, but their killing spree ended up snuffing out all of your favorite protagonists’ loved ones. It is up to you to help them solve who, where, and how these innocent people were killed. Each colored game piece is associated with a character’s game card, so choose your player!

On the board game, you will see 8 rooms representing each of the worlds and time periods as well as 2 closets: the Pacific Islands, Scotland, San Francisco, England, Neo Seoul, and Hawaii. Move around the board the number of squares you roll on the die. Look out for hidden passageways as these might give you an advantage!

Your objective, as previously stated, is to find out who the villainous murderer is, what weapon they used to kill the innocent loved ones, and in which room these people were killed in. The six weapon choices are poison, pistol, bomb, bare hands, execution collar, and crossbow. These weapons are inspired by those found in the movie to harm the protagonists.

Begin by choosing your character, one of the 6 heroes with a colored background card. The colors are associated with the moving piece you will use for the board game. Put aside any hero cards you are not using. Then, you will now have 3 different piles of cards: room, murder weapon, and villain. Select one card from each of the piles and put inside the confidential envelope. This is what you must guess correctly in order to win!

Shuffle the remaining cards together and pass them out equally amongst yourselves. Any remaining cards can be put face up for everyone to see. DO NOT SHOW YOUR CARDS. Only YOU must look at the cards dealt to your hand. Using the check-list paper, check off the cards in your hands as these cannot give you the winning answer.

Now it is time to roll the die! The number you get is the amount of squares you are allowed to move. Your objective each turn is to get into a room. You may move up, down, side-ways, and backwards, but you may NOT move diagonally. No two players are allowed on a single square. There is a possibility that you may get stuck in a room if someone is right outside the doorway. You will then lose a turn and have to wait until the player outside the door enters the room. More than one player is allowed in a single room.

Once inside a room, you may make a suggestion as to what you think might be in the envelope. For example, you may say, “I think it was Nurse Noakes with a pistol in Hawaii.” The person to your left will then show a card to you ONLY if it is one of the cards you asked about. If a player DOES NOT have one of the cards you suggested, they DO NOT have to show you any of their cards. A player is REQUIRED to show you the card you suggested if they have it. Once a card you suggested is shown to you, you may check it off on your list.

Once you feel certain about your deduction, state it! But make sure you are 100% positive about your answer as you only have ONE chance. If you get it wrong, game over for you! Check the envelope to see whether your answer was correct. If so, CONGRADULATIONS! You have won Clue and are a detective master.

*start your game piece on one of the black squares.

*envelope goes in the center of the gameboard, above the Clue! logo.

The following is the commercial to the game:

Here are a few of the cards:



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