First Impressions

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1.  There used to be a name for gifted people like Aiko. Tobi ga taka wo umu, or a hawk born from kites.  Only now, everyone can be a hawk.

2.  If you ask for her most treasured memory, she’ll tell you it’s a scent.  Ask her for her favorite story, and she’ll say it’s a song.

3.  Before he left for his expedition from Narita Station, I remember seeing sakura blossoms fall behind him in frail, blushing blankets.  He told me to expect his messages  to arrive from across the intergalactic drift when the streets were covered once more.  This year, the petals were as white as snow. The Federation decided that pink was distasteful.

4.  Julian dragged himself from beneath his blankets as the morning alarm rang incessantly in his bedroom.  As always, he gave a deep shudder as he uploaded himself into his school’s network.  Mondays were the worst.

5.  Harry quickly spit out the meatloaf that the lunch lady had unceremoniously dumped on his tray.  It tasted far too much like an E sharp.

Please enjoy my first lines for the sci-fi stories running through my head.  Which one would you be most inclined to read?

-Angela L.



First Lines

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Her hand inched forward, and then she stopped. Think, she told herself. Did she really want to go through with this?

Often, as a child, he would gaze into the pitch black of the night sky and wonder what was out there. Of course, he had heard stories. Stories of danger and romance, to be sure, but also those alluding to happenings meant to scare children into behaving. Those were the ones that stuck with him the most.

He had never, in all his years of living, thought of such an option. But then again, one’s priorities tend to change when one inexplicably starts sprouting tentacles.

I could, of course, justify it by telling them my motivation for doing so. But, much like the “for want of a nail” phenomenon, it seemed so trivial in the face of what was to come.

Four hundred years had passed since the aliens squashed the last of the human revolts, and yet they felt as if they were missing something vital to their cause.



Starting Lines

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These lines don’t necessarily telegraph that the ensuing story will be hard sci-fi but I did have a sci-fi scenario/story to follow from each. I thought it was more fun that way and hopefully no one will be puzzled by that. Here they are:

1. Over the years Wilbur had collected first editions of all his favorites. They sat neatly on his shelves: Havelita, All The King’s Swine, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ham. 

2. “Sit down slowly,” the voice intones. “Place your offerings into the basin and close your eyes. Take five careful, measured breaths. Wait.”

3.  I suppose I began the journal because I thought nothing would come of it. Nothing ever comes of most things, and in my time I have found that nothing is often as pleasant a conclusion as something can have.

4. Because Ellen always talked about her sister’s son like as if he ought to be the joy and the envy of everyone alive, I decided it best for me to leave the small shop and begin to seek work elsewhere.

5.  When she came in to greet him she was wearing a coat he did not recognize. It was gold and long- it reached almost to the floor- and startling in a way no coat had any business being. Impertinent Coat. The coat twitched and seemed to make a belching sound but he pretended to ignore it and returned to his work.

-Will Tarnell


5 Opening Lines

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1. It had been three centuries to the day since the last man died, taking with him the last Y chromosome the world will ever know and leaving behind nothing but a sea full of estrogen.

2. The shuttle took off with loud bang, propelling Xander on his mission to yet another Galaxy on the outskirts of the Universe, and he could not help feeling the same loneliness that had plagued him ever since he started this desperate search for Catalina.

3. Chartzx had fallen in love with many women before, but none quite as humanoid as her.

4. The past has always caused the future, the future can sometimes cause the past, and the present is always being caused by both, but nothing could cause Caleb to understand this week’s quantum theory homework, no matter what he tried.

5. “The ratio of clones to humans is simply too high for us to sustain this kind of rapid population growth!”  I exclaimed, much louder than I had intended to.

-PJ Jedlovec (pjjed)

Hook, Line & Sinker

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Fourscore and seven years ago, the world turned to darkness. Utter and complete darkness. The government had ignored the signs; the people had ignored the signs. Nobody was to blame, but everybody was to blame. The list of pointed fingers was endless.

Pounding heart. Tunnel vision. Dr. Bryan’s lungs screamed for air as he waited for the thing to pass. He exhaled softly with his hand clasped to his mouth, but he was not soft enough. It stopped next to the table he was under, and he hugged his knees to his chest, his knuckles starkly white against the black handle of the scalpel in his hand.

Humanity’s greatest achievement had become its worst nightmare. No amount of backpedaling could reverse what had transpired over the past few months. There were only two possible solutions: to run or to hide, and each had remarkably low rates of survival.

The ship hurtled through the atmosphere with no concept of the planet’s space or time, much too fast for an approach vector. While the Planetary Guard’s docking bays could be calibrated for relativistic effects, it was clear that the pilot of this craft had no intention of landing safely. The commander gave the order for the space-time turrets to open fire, but it was already too late.

“My life’s work between my own two fingers,” I thought, examining the pill’s milky translucence under the fluorescent lighting. The countless nights in the lab; the many trials and many errors; the rat bites pockmarking my fingers – all of these had culminated into my dream and ambition: a way to make man…perfect.

Hadley Wilson, B6

5 Engaging Starting Points

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1. Everyone had expected the international release of the commercial time machine to be the start of a new knowledge revolution – past, present and future always at your fingertips. However, no one could have predicted the horrors that came hand in hand with the ability to see from the beginning to the end of the human race.

2. “We’re sorry, but even with your high IQ, we are unable to authorize your college application without the proper genetic disease modifications.”

3. In twenty years, the extinction of the human race will most likely be complete. The propensity towards “designer babies” two thousand years ago started an evolutionary downward spiral.

4. After one hundred years, everyone I knew has grown old and died. I’ve increasingly been questioning my decision to transfer my thoughts and memories into ‘the machine’ to live forever.

5. Mindy had hoped that she could live in a world where humans and aliens could love each other peacefully – the Planet Impartiality Act was supposed to mediate any issues. But over the past few years, segregation and animosity had been vigorously increasing.

-Lexi Blog 6

5 1st Lines I Wish Were in Books

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1. Jeff’s head came off easily, smoothly, just as they’d promised. He cradled it in his hands a moment, then set it gently down on the table. From there, he stared critically at the rest of his body.

2. Christmas morning brought with it, as it always did now, a fine dusting of white powder that was not snow.

3. Since he had been old enough to consider these sort of things, Bryan has wanted to attend Kensworth Conservatory. Competition for entrance, though, was fierce. Kensworth had, after all, the highest percentage of students survive until graduation.

4. Mandy did not like Earth. Mama and Papa had promised her she would, but she did not.

5. The first sign that something was wrong was the waterfall that flowed upward instead of down.


-Kat Zhang

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